Construction & Concrete Division

Groupe Pigeon is a leading regional player in the production of ready-to-use concrete and the prefabrication of heavy and light concrete elements, particularly reinforced concrete for the construction of agricultural buildings and civil engineering elements. Groupe Pigeon has technical and transversal know-how in all industrial processes: upstream formulation, design office and methods, production and transport of ready-mix concrete and concrete elements (heavy and light).

A diversified service offering and leading technical solutions

Ready-mix concrete is at the heart of Groupe Pigeon's industrial and economic dynamics. Few builders in the West of France master the entire industrial process of ready-mix concrete—from the raw materials used to delivery on site— allowing Groupe Pigeon to offer global and relevant solutions, both technically and economically.

Groupe Pigeon is also a regional player in the prefabrication of concrete elements, both heavy for construction (housing, public works, agricultural buildings) and light for landscaping (blocks, paving stones and borders).

The various ready-mix concrete production and prefabrication plants give Groupe Pigeon the production capacity, autonomy, and responsiveness needed to satisfy its customers and partners. The prefabrication activity has also internalised and developed the Design, Methods, Quality and Logistics, and Works departments, so as to offer a global and integrated quality service to its customers.

To keep up with the constant evolution of the concrete markets, Groupe Pigeon has developed high-performance production tools, backed by the expertise of CBTP Laboratory. The know- how that Groupe Pigeon has acquired and developed over more than 40 years enables it to respond to the supply of ready-mixed concrete for private individuals as well as to the definition of innovative formulas for specific concrete for major or exceptional industrial works (Le Mans/Rennes High Speed Line, Line B of the Rennes Metro, etc.).

The same applies to heavy and light prefabricated concrete elements. The expertise developed and the performance of the industrial tools allow Groupe Pigeon to supply complex large volumes of high-quality elements such as slabs, aged paving stones, but also blocks, beams and walls, notably for international industrial players working in renewable energy.

Secure supply thanks to significant industrial resources and a local geographic network

Groupe Pigeon owns 24 concrete plants, spread throughout the different departments of France’s Greater West. The close relationship between the concrete plants and Groupe Pigeon's quarries, renowned for the quality of their aggregates, coupled with a fleet of more than 100 truck mixers, ensures a secure supply and a top quality service. The permanent support of Groupe Pigeon's CBTP Laboratory is a source of excellence for the formulation of all types of concrete, and Groupe Pigeon is thus able to intervene on all types of sites: private individuals, large-scale works, and exceptional sites.

Groupe Pigeon also has 4 prefabrication plants for concrete elements: two plants dedicated to heavy prefabrication and two light prefabrication plants, one of which is recent and benefits from innovative industrial processes ensuring high production rates and top quality levels. The four production sites allow Groupe Pigeon to cover a wide range of products and to intervene on large-scale sites, particularly in the field of renewable energies with its European industrial partners, but also with its local, agricultural and industrial customers.

Faced with the constant evolution of the various concrete and prefabrication markets, Groupe Pigeon has developed its equipment and industrial means accordingly. Today, Groupe Pigeon offers a wide range of quality products, from foundation concretes, self-placing concretes, decorative concretes, blocks and breeze-blocks, to beams, silos, stringers, walls and panels or stables intended for the agricultural sector, but also for building materials dealers and the construction industry.

Key figures

production units
(ready-mix concrete
and prefabrication plants)
€ 75
million turnover
mixer trucks
530 000 m3
of ready-mix concrete

A wide variety of concretes for a wide variety of applications

Ready-mixed concrete: Self-compacting concrete, filling concrete, decorative concrete, fibre- reinforced concrete, fluid concrete, lightweight concrete, technical concrete, screeds, slabs, paving and floors, foundations and infrastructures, masonry, filling, trench filling, decorative floors, agricultural structures, superstructures and engineering structures, roads, roads (roadway bodies and wearing courses)

Precast concrete for livestock buildings:

  • Swine buildings: high density insulated concrete walls, mass-coloured concrete panels, integrated pre-frames, non-slip concrete slabs.
  • Cattle buildings: stalls, cubicles and straw-bedded area, trough wall and scraping wall, cubicle separation wall, milking / nursery room, roto and robots.
  • Equine buildings: stables, riding schools.
  • Other closed and potentially isolated farm buildings (poultry houses, calf houses).

Flat, T- or L-shaped storage elements: Self-stable and modular, straight-edged, supplied with seals.

Walls to be sealed: Manure silo, cladding

RESERVECO pits: Buried, semi-buried, above-ground

Small concrete products:

  • Masonry: a range of concrete blocks for the elevation of walls and a range of concrete hollow-core slabs and slip blocks for laying concrete floors.
  • Road works: range of kerbs, gutters and islands in grey concrete, coloured concrete or with a washed gravel appearance, and a range of solid and draining concrete paving stones, also in grey or coloured concrete or with a washed gravel appearance.
  • Sanitation: small concrete manholes for rainwater (manholes, covers, gutters, grids...) and accessories for non-collective sanitation pits.
  • Exterior fittings: flooring products (smooth paving stones, aged paving stones, flagstones, Japanese steps, etc.), boundary products (kerbstones, pillar elements, pillar caps and wall caps, fence posts and plates, etc.).
  • Blocks: hollow blocks, solid and perforated blocks, corner blocks, chaining blocks, maxi blocks, planellas, formwork Ls, formwork blocks, other blocks (stepoc, modular, variblob small radius, round, etc).
  • Other products: Slabs, pre-castings, curbs, gutters, islands, curbs, paving stones, slabs, manholes, pillars, fences, concrete floors and insulation.

The entities of the Construction & Concrete division also offer a wide range of services, customizable on demand, including:

  • Specialized installation teams
  • Bespoke estimates
  • A design and costing office
  • Drawing up technical plans
  • Transport and delivery on site

A digital offer for online sales of concrete and mortar: FirstBeton

Aware of the new challenges linked to digital technology and the evolution of consumption and communication methods, Groupe Pigeon has developed the platform, the first online sales platform for ready-mixed concrete and mortar for individuals, craftsmen, professionals, and farmers.

The specificity of FirstBeton  lies in the global and integrated positioning of its offer, by proposing:

  • the best advice to optimize the choice of concretes for work on your building sites.
  • the best services so that the services offered, at the best price, are in line with the expected level of excellence.
  • quality concretes and mortars, adapted to your projects and your site configurations.

Ordering concrete has never been easier, thanks to a secure 5-step process:

  • 1. The customer makes a request to FirstBeton, via the dedicated form.
  • 2. FirstBeton studies the request, contacts the customer, and sends a quote within one working day.
  • 3. The customer accepts the T&Cs online and authorises the online quote, validating the order.
  • 4. The customer makes the payment on the secure online payment site of FirstBeton.
  • 5. The delivery is carried out in accordance with the estimate accepted by the customer.

For more information, contact FirstBeton: - Tel.: +33 (0)2 23 07 20 80

The entities of the Construction & Concrete division

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