Our Company

Founded in 1929, Groupe Pigeon is a family-owned and operated group aiming to improve our regions by making them work smarter. With a presence in the 13 departments of western France, 55 entities, and over 120 agencies and production sites, Groupe Pigeon employs 2000 people in its four business lines: Aggregates & Environment, Infrastructure & Works, Construction & Concrete, Engineering & Services.

The management team

  • Thierry Pigeon : Chairman and CEO
  • Laurent Pigeon : Managing Director
  • Thibault Pigeon : Managing Director


A Strategic Steering Committee brings together the general management and the operational managers of the different divisiones of Groupe Pigeon.

Founding values at the heart of our strategy and daily activities

Throughout our history, our activities, and the men and women who make up our business, Groupe Pigeon has been a major player in the development of France’s Greater West region. Our know-how, achievements, and investments are proof that we are involved in the economic and social development of the departments in which we operate.

Groupe Pigeon has been a family-owned and operated group since its creation. We are driven by a long-term vision and consider the men and women who make up the group, their expertise, their know-how and their skills, as our main assets.

Groupe Pigeon is driven by strong values, which have been carried by the Pigeon family since the beginning, and which have structured our development since 1929:

  • Quality
  • Agility
  • Sustainability

Quality: The cockade, the historical emblem of Groupe Pigeon, means above all quality, symbolised by the red wax seal. For Groupe Pigeon, quality in all its dimensions is the essential element that an industrial group must not only offer but also and above all make bear fruit in the long term in order to satisfy and anticipate the demands of its customers and partners. Faithful to this essential value, Groupe Pigeon wishes to reaffirm and promote it at all levels: authenticity, quality of materials, quality of products, quality of know-how, quality of skills, quality of services.

Agility: Adapting, continuously improving, and remaining perpetually capable of modifying our processes and organisation is historically at the heart of Groupe Pigeon’s DNA, especially faced with the regular hazards to which the land development professions are exposed. Through our organisation, our geographical coverage, our structure, our governance, and our management, Groupe Pigeon highlights our robustness and anchorage in the regions—qualities of large groups—while maintaining our agility as a small business through our network of agencies and local industrial sites.

Sustainability: Sustainability is the essence of Groupe Pigeon on three main levels:

  • Firstly, in the raw materials produced and used, and in the works and sites on which we operate:
    • The materials are of the highest quality and are being recycled in increasing proportions, thus extending their initial lifespan.
    • The projects are resolutely long-term and are based on the excellence our employees’ expertise, as well as the numerous internal industrial synergies between the various entities that make up the group.
  • Secondly, sustainability is guaranteed by Groupe Pigeon’s long-term vision and shareholder independence, and by the commitment of the different generations that have succeeded one another in the group.
  • Thirdly, sustainability is pursued in the purpose of our activities—making our regions work smarter—which is fundamentally based on the logic of sustainable development, in its three components: economic, environmental (protection of resources, ecosystems, and biodiversity), and social.

A word from the President

Founded in 1929 by my grandfather, Groupe Pigeon currently employs 2000 people in its four business lines (Aggregates & Environment, Infrastructure & Works, Construction & Concrete, Engineering & Services), spread over the different departments and regions of France’s Greater West.

The three main values that drive the development of Groupe Pigeon have remained the same since its creation: Quality, Agility and Sustainability. They are still deeply relevant today, in line with the growing concerns of civil society towards land development companies.
I have been aware of the logic of the circular economy in quarries since I was very young, and today I apply its principles to the different divisiones of activity of Groupe Pigeon, taking into account the important synergies that unite these different divisions and the status of a responsible company that have pursued from the beginning.
We create and build to last. The sustainability of our projects is at the heart of our expectations, because our economic and industrial vocation is clearly based on a long-term perspective. This is why we are constantly seeking not only industrial and economic excellence, but also social and environmental excellence.
The Excellence 2020 Plan laid the foundations of a sustainable development strategy for our group that the COVID-19 crisis tested and reinforced. The Pigeon 2026 Plan, which came into effect in 2021, is intended to extend and accelerate our development dynamic, in particular by integrating the energy, digital, and environmental transitions into the heart of our growth strategy. The vision of our company—a family-owned and operated group dedicated to making our regions work smarter—has never been more relevant, given the responsibility we have to manage the regions and their challenges in a systemic way.
The men and women who make up Groupe Pigeon are our most precious asset. Therefore, the safety of our employees, their well-being and their development are priorities that our group considers to be of the utmost importance, as well as the proximity and the logic of a long-term industrial partner that we clearly wish to establish with our customers and more generally with
the various stakeholders with whom we are in contact.
I am proud, together with Laurent and Thibault Pigeon who accompany me in the day-to-day management of our group, to be involved in the implementation of this plan which opens a new chapter in the development of Groupe Pigeon. Excellence remains our primary motivation, as well as the satisfaction of our clients, partners, and civil society, which we wish to take to a higher level.

Our ambition: to accompany and satisfy you, our customers, in achieving success with all your industrial projects.

Thierry Pigeon
Chairman and CEO of Groupe Pigeon