The "Engineering & Services" division brings together the entities that provide services and technical and engineering solutions, both to the subsidiaries of Groupe Pigeon and to third- party clients. The Engineering & Services division consists of the following four entities: CBTP Laboratory, Ouest Formation CBTP, Pigeon Eau & Solutions (PES) and ABSI. Each of these entities provides Groupe Pigeon with expertise in numerous activities, both for internal entities and for external partners and clients:

  • CBTP Laboratory: Engineering, R&D, certifications in many fields of activity (concrete, quarries and aggregates, pavements, chemistry, environment and safety, foundations, geotechnics, networks, topography and georeferencing).
  • Ouest Formation CBTP: Training for quarrying and public works: CACES, safety, electricity, transport, public works, eco driving.
  • Pigeon Eau & Solutions: Water, water supply and sewerage, drainage, diagnosis, construction, services, operation, network works
  • ABSI: Information systems, data management, web technologies, infrastructures and equipment.

CBTP Laboratory: engineering excellence to secure and optimize your projects in their entirety

A subsidiary of Groupe Pigeon since 1994, Laboratoire Carrières, Béton, Travaux Publics (CBTP Laboratory) is currently one of the largest in France belonging to an independent industrial group in the field of land development.
CBTP Laboratory brings under one roof technicians and engineers who use their know-how and expertise on a daily basis to serve the various players in the construction world.

With recognized skills in analysis and measurement techniques as well as in engineering, the employees of CBTP Laboratory are particularly active in the fields of construction materials, road technology, environment, and safety.

Extended skills and synergies are the keywords of the organisation set up within CBTP Laboratory. Thanks to its 100 employees and its network of 8 agencies (Rennes, Le Mans, Quimperlé, Ancenis, Ploufragan, Caen, Rouen, Ablis), CBTP Laboratory is a major player in the West of France, but also operates throughout France.

The services offered (analyses, measurements, engineering) are aimed at materials producers, public works companies, but also at experts, design offices, project managers and contracting authorities and cover 9 fields of activity: aggregates and geology, concrete, foundations, chemistry, geotechnics, pavements, networks, topography, environment and safety. CBTP Laboratory has recently created its own Research & Development sector.

Expertise and multidisciplinarity are the assets that allow CBTP Laboratory to offer global solutions to its clients' problems.

CBTP Laboratory structures its development around a strong quality assurance approach, guaranteeing its skills and impartiality. Since 1998, CBTP Laboratory has held the LABOROUTE approval (n° 98-49), issued by the IDRRIM (Institute of Roads, Streets and Infrastructure for Mobility), allowing it to assert its status as a road laboratory.

This organization is completed by 2 COFRAC (French accreditation authority) accreditations and a certification for specific activities:

  • COFRAC Inspection for the control and reception of sewerage networks (N°3-1053)
  • COFRAC Tests for tests relating to the control of occupational exposure to chemical agents in workplace air, such as siliceous mineral dusts (N°1-5879)
  • VERITAS certification Georeferencing and network detection.

Pigeon Eau & Solutions: The partner of industrial and technical solutions for the water cycle

Water is a strategic resource that Groupe Pigeon considers essential to preserve and optimize at the level of upstream networks using four main levers:

  • 1. Reduction of losses and leaks, which currently represent 20% on average at the national level, with strong regional disparities.
  • 2. Improved management of the network, pipes, and infrastructure.
  • 3. The development of nature-based solutions to ensure quality water supply.
  • 4. Deployment of non-conventional water reuse (urban wastewater, rainwater, etc.).

Pigeon Eau & Solutions aims to respond to these collective challenges and to support its customers and industrial partners in the implementation of sustainable and efficient solutions, by bringing together the multiple internal skills of Groupe Pigeon within a dedicated structure.

Pigeon Eau & Solutions offers the following services:

  • Management of networks, infrastructures, and pipelines.
  • Reuse of non-conventional water.
  • Propose nature-based solutions to ensure quality distribution.
  • Develop an integrated internal offer for water and sanitation (I&T, G&E, LCBTP)
  • Innovative solutions for the hygienization of liquid sludge (quicklime base)
  • Optimize the large and small water cycles.

Key figures

millions euros
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CBTP Laboratory
training school

uest Formation CBTP: A training centre and school dedicated to the quarry and public works professions.

Created in 2007, Ouest Formation Carrières Béton Travaux Publics (Ouest Formation CBTP) is a training organisation dedicated to the quarry, concrete and public works sectors. Ouest Formation CBTP offers and conducts internal training courses for Groupe Pigeon, and also carries out technical inspections of machinery (periodic general inspections).

Training is at the heart of Groupe Pigeon's development strategy, both in terms of increasing the skills of its employees and ensuring that they are secure in their jobs. This is why Groupe Pigeon has created the Pigeon School with a dedicated educational platform: a structured and structuring training offer for the employees of the different divisions.

The main training courses provided are as follows:

CACES training: Training for the CACES (French equipment operation safety training) on the different vehicles: construction equipment ("R482"), forklifts ("R489"), mobile elevating platform of persons ("R486"), auxiliary cranes ("R490") and tower cranes (R477").

Safety training: Maintenance and updating of MAC/SST skills, authorisation for work near networks (AIPR), scaffolding, gestures and postures, fire extinguisher handling, first aid at work (SST), safe driving of overhead cranes according to R423.

Electricity training: Initial industrial electricity, B1(V)-B2(V)-BR-BC electrical accreditation recycling, preparation for electrical accreditation for non-electrical work BO BS BE, preparation for electrical accreditation (beginner), Preparation for electrical accreditation B1 B2 BR BC order, B0-HO-BS-BE accreditation recycling

Public works training: Authorisation to work near networks (AIPR), initial professional training for drivers of protection vehicles, management of contractual workers on public works sites, management of contractual workers on private works sites, advanced training in driving public works machinery, technological training for the trade.

Transport training: Economical driving of light and heavy vehicles, compulsory continuous training (FCO), compulsory minimum initial training (FIMO), heavy goods vehicle licences (BE, C, CE).

Eco-driving training: Economical driving of light vehicles (LV), economical driving of construction machinery, economical driving of light and heavy vehicles.

ABSI: the operational entity for steering IS, IT and digital initiatives

ABSI supports the digital transition of Groupe Pigeon, by operationally steering the internal digital initiatives (monitoring, structuring, development) around 4 main axes:

  • Information systems: Process dematerialization, ERP optimization, software solutions, collaborative tools, augmented reality, BIM deployment...
  • Data: Structuring, harmonization and valorisation of data
  • Web technologies: Websites, digital platforms,...
  • Infrastructure  and  equipment:  Deployment  of  appropriate  technical  solutions  and implementation of a "Cybersecurity" policy.

Digitalizing our offerings and processes, securing and deploying our information systems, supporting our operational entities in the use of BIM software, supplying IT solutions and managing our network park are all strategic missions managed and coordinated by a dedicated entity.

Engineering & Services entities

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