Our certifications

Groupe Pigeon is an economic player committed to respecting the standards and regulations in force in relation to both environment and quality.

Since its creation in 1929, Groupe Pigeon has considered that growth and development should only be envisaged from a "sustainable" perspective. We capitalise on the regulations and certifications in force to continuously improve our production processes and thus meet the growing demands of our partners and civil society.

Groupe Pigeon in compliant with the Environmental Charter

Integrated into the preamble of the Constitution, the Environmental Charter has been in force since March 2005. It has full legal validity.

The Environmental Charter defines the fundamental rights and duties with regard to the protection of the environment, in particular with regard to its three constitutive principles: the principle of prevention, the precautionary principle, and the polluter-pays principle. Groupe Pigeon thus complies with the Environmental Charter and has been awarded the "maturity" level confirmation diploma.

Committed to ISO 9001 certification

The ISO 9001 certification covers the different aspects of quality management. Entities holding this certification ensure that their products and services are in line with what customers are able to demand. The awarding of this certification demonstrates the extent of Groupe Pigeon's performance in terms of quality management.

Committed to 14001 certification

Groupe Pigeon also holds ISO 14001 certification for some of its entities. This certification specifies the requirements for the various environmental management systems. With this certification, Groupe Pigeon demonstrates that we respect the legal requirements and the information inherent to environmental aspects.


Other certifications of Groupe Pigeon

Groupe Pigeon holds numerous other certifications, all of which testify to our seriousness and the robustness of the industrial processes implemented: MASE for health and safety management in the workplace, Qualibat 1552 for asbestos treatment, CE2+ marking, GMP+B2, Cofrac, Laboroute approval, NF-BPE.